Kit con 3 luci e borsa: 150 W – 300 W – 650 W (tutte con lente frensel) con dimmer per ogni luce.

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  • 1x Pannello riflettente pieghevole dal diametro di 122 cm (cop. oro/argento/bianco/nero)
  • 1x Pannello riflettente pieghevole dal diametro d 56 cm (cop. oro/argento/bianco/nero)
  • 1x Asta per fissare un pannelload un cavalletto.
  • 1x Bandiera 120×100 cm (copertura oro/argento/bianco/nero)
  • 1x Bandiera 80×60 cm (copertura oro/argento/bianco/nero)
  • 1x Pannello green/blu screen pieghevole 213×153 cm
  • 1x Pacchetto filtri di conversione
  • 1x Softbox per per luce da 650W




Senza titolo-2

– provides sufficient output to serve as key light at moderate light levels, or as a soft fill at higher light levels.
– built for high impact work on location.
– ballast draws very little AC power
– 4 high output lamp fixture.
– built-in barndoors.
– removable lamp harness, reflector and louver.
– twist-on, locking center mount.
– compatible with G13 True Match® , Cinema 55″ Daylight and Tungsten lamps.
– 4 bank selectable offering individual lamp control.
– dual mode switch select: high output (75W-4ft) and low output (45W-2ft).
– flicker-free: operates at 24’000 Hz, more than 400 times than a traditional ballast.
– operates full color spectrum (CRI>90RA, no green or blue spike)
– instant-on.
– dead quiet, no fans, no noise, low heat.
– strong lightweight housing made from polycarbonate material.
– external ballast and 7m power cable included.
– over voltage protection and easy to change power fuse.

Package content:

1 x 4ft 4lamp fixture
1 x reflector
1 x louver
1 x removable harness
1 x omni-mount system MTP-K41
1 x 7m power cable
1 x external 4 bank ballast – select
1 x user manual


DOF LED Lights





• Bulb: 360 Power LED
• Average lifespan (hours): 30000 hrs
• Illuminance: 3240 Lux
• Power Variation: Stepless 0-100%
• Color Rendering Index (Ra): ≥ 85
• Beam Angle: 65 degree
• Correlated Color Temperature: 3200K ~ 5600K
• Diffuse installation: Magnetic Pick-up
• Power Supply: V-Mount, DC
• Voltage: 10-18V
• Dimensions: 374mm*347.5mm*66.5mm
• Weight: 1690g

What you will get:
3 x HVR-C600S LED light Panel with U-shape bracket
3 x Diffuser Plate
6 x Combined socket
3 x User manual
1 x Protective bag


Blonde 2000 watts




  • metal housing with paint resistant to high temperatures.
  • high quality aluminum reflector.
  • ceramic lamp holder.
  • smooth focusing mechanism that can be pole operated.
  • safety net in front of the lamp
  • filter clips and anti-rust paint on the barndoors.
  • metal spigot holder.
  • strong yoke bar that can support an additional softbox in front of the light.
  • heavy duty power cord.






  •    light output: 0.5m: 3800 lx | 1m: 1100 lx
  •    photometric: 0.5m: F11 |  1m: F5.6  – 24fps. T500
  •    tough plastic housing
  •    measures 19 x 11.5 x 3.5 cm and weights 350g
  •    312 ultra-bright and high powered flood LEDs with 60° beam angle
  •    dial-up, variable color from 3200°K to 5600°K or anything in-between
  •    Sony DV mounting system
  •   slide-in diffusion filter
  •   HD format
  •    combined universal shoe and 1/4″ mounting thread make it usable on any tripod, stand, or camera shoe mount.
  •    produces bright, soft light with continuous output
  •    heat-free and flicker free technology
  •    high quality components used on internal circuit ensure a flicker-free operation
  •    fully dimmable (0-100%) with minimal color shifting using dedicated microprocessor
  •    touch panel on CamLED and charger which indicates battery charge level
  •    can operate only with one battery but the runtime will halve
  •    variable input voltage: can accommodate any voltage between 7.4 – 14.8 V (can be powered from battery, car battery or V-Lock / AB battery)
  •    multi voltage 12V DC & 100-250V AC battery charger – worldwide compatible
  •    dual channel battery charger (can charge simultaneous and independent two batteries). 
  •    includes two 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery with 100min runtime at full brightness
  •    magnetic snap-on diffusion filter
  •   Cordura transport bag (offers protection, includes all this kit’s components)